The Status Of Online Poker In The Pandemic Period

The Status Of Online Poker In The Pandemic Period – As everyone already knows, COVID-19 has caused widespread interruption on almost all businesses around the world due to people forced to go under quarantine to prevent contamination and further spread of the virus. The pandemic has shut down several casino establishments in different countries around the world, potentially losing revenue with each month that passes by. Due to the strict quarantine guidelines, people are forced to do whatever they can just to entertain themselves while keeping themselves safe and sound, away from the deadly virus.

Gladly, the internet never ceased to spend our precious time through social media, vlogs, articles, memes, and of course online casinos. Casinos are also operating in this virtual space as an alternative means to wager money if an actual casino cannot be accessed at the moment. Recent events became a perfect opportunity for online casinos to gather more players in this time of pandemic, as most people have no other choice if they can’t even go outside. As a result, those who regularly play in physical casinos are now migrating to its virtual counterpart to do their favorite hobby.

Online Poker: A Consistent and Growing Industry

Due to people getting more active online, added up by casino players that are now frequently visiting online casinos, the industry and community of online poker has grown exponentially just like the good old casinos of the pre-pandemic period. The online poker industry was already a huge business from the get-go simply because it’s very easy to access, and people get a chance to encounter real players for better competition. This time, it is now a booming business!

The Stars Group, a renown online poker and casino company in Canada, has a whopping $735 million in total revenue from January to March 31, 2020 just because it received a huge surge of players when most countries were on lockdown. The Stars Group noted that it was March where they received the largest increase in customer activity, along with soaring sales from their casino product offers.

Much of the land based players find that their games are also available in an online format, with search numbers for popular land based slots like the Book Of Ra and options to play it online soaring in the last month.

That might also partially be influenced thanks to a video posted on YouTube where a popular personality in the high stakes poker community Leon Tsoukernik won over 1.3 million euros on the game.

Online poker, coupled by revenues of other online casino game titles that suddenly became in-demand nowadays, increased the international revenue of online gambling by more than 40%. Note that this is a huge increase despite the gradual drop in sportsbook events, which is usually the top source of revenue for online casinos, due to cancellation of many sport matches due to COVID-19.

As of this second quarter of 2020, The Stars Group and other online gambling giants are still enjoying this gradual increase of customer activity everyday, while many countries are still under strict quarantine. Revenue statistics show that only the first two weeks of the second quarter generated a revenue 33% higher than the first quarter of 2020.

In layman’s terms, more people are getting fond of online poker due to the huge amount of time they spend doing nothing at all. While people see online poker as a means to kill boredom, poker companies see this as a momentum to increase their revenue further, as well as potentially lead in sales when compared to most non-gambling industries around the world.

Looks Like Almost Everyone Is Playing

People can literally say that almost everyone is now playing online poker unlike before. Throughout March 2020, the United Kingdom alone made online poker a trend in Google searches. As more and more countries went on lockdown during the first quarter, as well as businesses forcibly closing down due to lack of customers, topics for searching online poker made a huge upward trend from February to March 2020.

Additionally, celebrities around the world are now becoming active poker players as they have a lot of free time compared to their once-busy life behind and in front of the camera. Celebrities such as Ben Affleck even made a fundraiser event in the form of an online poker competition, which was in turn won by the professional poker player Ebony Kenney. Additionally, Amy Schumer, Don Cheadle, Jack Black, Macaulay Culkin, and many other Hollywood personalities are rumored to have joined the event Stars CALL for Action, a celebrity online poker tournament to help raise charity for countries in need of urgent help in this era of the pandemic.

Once again, in layman’s terms, playing poker online gclub is entertaining simply because it gives players the feel of playing in an actual poker table due to its live environment. But in a way where they will view it on their computer or phone screen, while sitting (or even laying down) in the comfort of their own home. This fact alone can be a sole reason why online poker is booming in this time, where everyone has nothing else to do but to stay safe to preserve each and everyone’s lives for the greater good.